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Resume Nature Project

We resume the Nature project in the Second Child Education Cycle! If we want children to develop healthily, we have to give them time to connect with nature and earth. Discovering, hearing, relaxing, creating and enjoying are words that define our nature project in Second Child Education Cycle at school.

Summer school camp

Welcome to the summer school camp about cinema!   For children from P3 to 2nd primary. With Claqueta and Cinta, we’re going to do different activities, games, workshops and more. Working english on a daily basis, we will travel to the Far West world, we’re going to travel into space, we’re going to live the […]

festa-primavera-Montcau La Mola

Spring Festival

Last Thursday afternoon we celebrated the Spring Festival! The whole school team were very happy to be able to get this celebration back with the buddies and invite them back to enjoy all of them together in an afternoon of traditional games! It was a great afternoon of strengthening the family-school bond. Thank you very […]

Preinscripcio escolar Montcau - La Mola

School pre-registration

The school pre-registration period begins in the next few days: For the preschool and primary stage, the established period is from 7 to 21 March. For the secondary stage it is from 9 to 21 March. This year the pre-registration procedure will be online, through the website. On this page you will have to […]