Category: Preschool

Start of swimming sessions

Swimming sessions have started! Last week all students from I2 to 5th grade started swimming lessons in the pool. In Primary, we will work on and transfer different knowledge such as knowledge of their own body and its movement, coordination, team work and games in the aquatic environment and also more technical aspects, such as […]

Spring Day

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday 23rd March, we celebrated the Spring Party with the families of the 2nd cycle of Infant Education. The aim of this party is to share a part of the project and enjoy a family-school time. On this occasion we did an English activity and a nature activity. We are very excited to […]

The Tree party

Yesterday, 19 January, we celebrated the Tree party in the school with the representation of the tale of “The Tree Without Leaves” and the tree dance by the students of the 6th. The children of I4 planted two new trees: a liquidamber and a tanker, and sang the song “I have a friendly tree”.