Category: Preschool

The Tree party

Yesterday, 19 January, we celebrated the Tree party in the school with the representation of the tale of “The Tree Without Leaves” and the tree dance by the students of the 6th. The children of I4 planted two new trees: a liquidamber and a tanker, and sang the song “I have a friendly tree”.

Halloween and Castanyada at school

Last week, at school, we had the Halloween party and the Castanyada! Throughout the week the students of #Els_Pinetons, #MLMInfantil and #MLMPrimària have made panellets. The pupil of the 2nd cycle of Child and Primary Education celebrated Halloween’s party by participating in the Jack-o’-lantern competition! And, continuing with Halloween’s party in #MLMprimària, they made the […]

Shared reading

Students from 4th grade in the writing workshop of Spanish have worked the tale as a textual typology. Taking advantage of the stories they have produced, they have gone to Child Education to explain them. Shared reading encourages interaction and cooperation between pupils of different stages. It favors the practice of reading and understanding significantly […]

Resume Nature Project

We resume the Nature project in the Second Child Education Cycle! If we want children to develop healthily, we have to give them time to connect with nature and earth. Discovering, hearing, relaxing, creating and enjoying are words that define our nature project in Second Child Education Cycle at school.