Anglès, Llar d'Infants Els Pinetons Matadepera

The acquisition of language begins long before the child begins to speak, as children have a great ability for learning and reacting very favorably to the linguistic stimuli that surround them. That is why at ‘Els Pinetons’ we believe that children must begin to become familiar with the English language.

English is present in two aspects:

  • Everyday (daily conversation, habits and routines)

English accompanies children in some of their daily activities. With this first contact, we intend that children become aurally familiar with this language, learn and associate basic vocabulary from their immediate environment thanks to the repetition of expressions and words that are meaningful to them.

  • English Fun (stories, puppets, vocabulary Box and Atelier)

The teacher is also present in the classroom with activities such as songs, storytelling with and without puppets, etc. Once a week, the boys and girls wait with excitement for the English Box that allows introducing vocabulary related to the environment and their interests (seasons, festivities, animals, etc.).

In addition, the Atelier Environment is also in English, and there is where the children develop their creative capacities, experiment, discover and learn from different techniques entering the world of the Arts.