School nurse

Infermeria Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

I am Elisenda Salomó, school nurse, and I would like to explain the nursing service of the Montcau – La Mola and Els Pinetons schools.

This service covers all school hours and is intended to cover possible accidents and unforeseen health-related events that arise during school hours.

My task is to carry out a first assessment of the student and to contact the family if necessary. I provide care and assistance to students with chronic and acute pathologies. I am also in charge of administering medication to all those students who have to take medication during school hours.

This care is recorded in the Snapp Care computer program to guarantee confidentiality and security.

Another one of the functions that I carry out is Health Education for the educational community: students, families, school professionals (teaching and non-teaching staff). We do this through talks and specific projects with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle, self-care and the promotion of precautionary behavior.

I also collaborate with the school canteen in order to supervise the students’ menus and control cases of allergies or food intolerances, for which special diets are made.

Furthermore, the school has a Semi-Automatic External Defibrillation Equipment for cases of cardio-respiratory arrests, and both the responsible personnel and I are trained in the use of this device.

Moreover, I collaborate with the Health Program in School of the Catalan Health Service, through which the vaccinations of students are carried out, starting from the sixth year of primary.

We make the nursing space a learning space

Elisenda Salomó
Nº Colegiada: 08-060728