Psychopedagogical team

Equip psicopedagògic Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

The school’s psychopedagogical team

The psycho-pedagogical team has established itself as a coordinated group of professionals specialized in accompanying students throughout different stages and moments of their development.

In this sense, we are a team of psychologists specialized in childhood and adolescence, and special education teachers that provide an essential service of support in learning and social-emotional support.

Therefore, we provide a global understanding that seeks to implement proposals to support students, teachers and families.

These are aimed at offering procedures and tools for socio-affective growth, prevention and educational intervention.

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Our role in accompanying students

The transversal action that we carry out involves individual and group monitoring, throughout all stages and is specified in:

On the one hand, in the school we serve students with Specific Educational Support Needs (NEAE) and, on the other, any student who at some point needs psycho-pedagogical support.

The NEAE student is a student who requires, during a period of their schooling, or throughout it, specific support, attention and follow-up as a result of the specific needs that they present.

Depending on each student, actions are determined to meet the specific educational needs, but also to establish the criteria and the most suitable methodological and curricular adaptations.

As part of our objective to attend to the current moment of the students, our role is in constant growth and change, adapting to the need and the personal and social moment of the student and the groups that make up the different stages.

And that is why it is important that we accompany them on the path of learning to live and coexist on a day-to-day basis. From daily experiences, children and adolescents build their self-esteem and their personality, which are the basis of how we feel, think and act.

Likewise, working on the recognition of one’s own emotions and those of others, strategies to regulate them, as well as empathy and the values that certain moments require, are essential for their social and emotional development and form part of the task we do at school.

Our role in accompanying teachers

From the learning side, we offer our collaboration to the teaching team that works with the students, becoming a comprehensive team that meets the needs of the students. We design, share resources, and train teachers, professors, and specialists to help them meet the idiosyncratic needs of the students who form part of their groups.

The accompaniment of the students that we carry out throughout the courses, allows us to know and share their evolution year after year, which makes it easier for us to advise the teachers who attend and interact directly with them.

Our role in accompanying families

The student and their family are part of the educational community and participate proactively because they are the main protagonists. Family and school share a common goal: the integral growth of the students.

The moments when members of the psychopedagogical team meet with the families, become opportunities to share concerns, needs and progress of the student and jointly seek solutions and strategies that favor their development.

All this makes it easier to move towards an inclusive school where collaboration between professionals and families is essential.