School educational project

Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

Montcau-La Mola school,  in Matadepera, aims to transmit values, tools and knowledge, so that students have a critical and creative spirit and are the protagonists of their learning.

Active participation educates people who understand reality and have the ability to get involved, transform and contribute to improve society, making it more tolerant and committed.

Montcau develops an educational project that encourages all areas of education and training in the different school stages: Nursery, Preschool, Primary, Secondary and dual Baccalaureate.


  • Because multimethodology opens learning paths for all students.

We promote different methodologies that are dapted to the needs of each stage and area of knowledge so that all students have the opportunity to learn while respecting their way of learning.

Montcau offers a wide range of teaching methodologies ranging from small groups to class groups as well as activities by age and level. The preschool education spaces, the Integrated Documentary Projects (PDI) in primary school, the Vocational Guidance Workshops (TOV) in secondary school, or the British BTEC (Business & Technology) programs of the dual Baccalaureate, are just some examples here at Montcau. Putting new technologies at the service of learning.

  • Because the school is in a healthy environment to learn.

The school is located in Matadepera, in a privileged environment in direct contact with nature, near the Sant Llorenç del Munt Natural Park. This location turns the exterior into an experiential classroom that stimulates curiosity, motivation and creativity.

It has large outdoor areas, a grass soccer field, an indoor pool, large areas of forest and multiple sports facilities. These spaces are not only enjoyed, but also promote education in sustainability.

  • Because multilingualism is essential to connect us to the world.

Language learning plays a fundamental and structuring role in the educational project of the school, especially English: the students are in daily contact with the language because, apart from the curricular hours and other subjects that are also done in English, they live the language outside the classroom in a daily and natural way.

In addition, the linguistic project of the center offers the opportunity of learning a second language, to choose between French and German, and even an after-school activity of Chinese.

  • Because the team is constantly developing professionally.

In order to carry out the educational project, the school has a large team, transversal, active and constantly training with the support of several universities; professionals who love their work and who live it with enthusiasm.

The school stands out for offering families and students a personalized, coordinated and continuous tutorial action throughout the course, with the support of our own psycho-pedagogical team.