Espais, Els Pinetons Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

The different Learning Environments provide children the possibility of becoming protagonists of their own learning, participating actively, constructively and creatively. This methodology involves learning through play, exploration, experimentation and socialization.

Behind each material and activity there is a reflection and an educational intention attending the objectives and capacities that are to be developed in each of the Environments.

The role of the educators is to plan, provide materials, promote, observe, etc. while listening, supporting and accompanying the children during their learning process.

At ‘Els Pinetons’, we have the Atelier and Laboratory Environments. Boys and girls aged 2 to 3 visit them twice a week in small groups.

In the Atelier they develop their creative abilities, experiment, discover and learn from different techniques while entering the world of the Arts.

In addition, this space is an English-speaking Environment, making from the time there another opportunity to assimilate and incorporate new expressions and vocabulary.

In the Laboratory they have the opportunity to awaken their interest and motivation for the scientific world by playing and experimenting freely with different activities.