Música, Llar d'Infants Els Pinetons Matadepera

Every child is born with a musical predisposition and therefore, music is important in the development of girls and boys since it naturally affects cognitive, motor and emotional aspects.

At ‘Els Pinetons’, we integrate Music into everyday life as a natural context. The educators bring music to the children through daily routines (‘Good Morning’, picking up toys, going to wash hands, going to rest at naptime, etc.) as well as by creating musical activities.

The musical activities help us to incorporate a variety of children’s songs of different themes appropriate to the age, culture and interest of the children. Likewise, they also create a climate of expectation and silence, which is also important to develop listening.

Through songs and lap games, children begin to discover their body, dancing, the concept of rhythm and to express themselves through movement. In addition, the songs and lap games allow individual moments between the educator and the child, thus fostering the emotional bond between them.

Children also experience different sounds through free exploration with different materials or instruments.