Idiomes i plurinlingüisme Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

Because multilingualism is essential to connect to the world.

Language learning plays a fundamental and structuring role in the educational project of the school, especially English: the students are in daily contact with the language because, apart from the curricular hours and other subjects that are also done in English, they live the language outside the classroom in a daily and natural way.

In addition, the linguistic project of the center offers the opportunity of learning a second language, to choose between French and German, and even an after-school activity of Chinese.

We are committed to language learning, since apart from the undeniable importance of learning foreign languages as a communication vehicle capable of connecting cultures and eliminating borders – as we have explained previously – these also offer us concrete benefits for the brain. Language learning involves two types of brain activities: the creative one, because it constructs sentences and activates the right hemisphere that works more with emotions, the social and emotional part, and another more analytical, logical and rational part that is given by the activity of the left hemisphere and that focuses on the knowledge and application of a grammar.