Batxillerat Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

The baccalaureate is the last stage of secondary education; it encompasses students between 16 and 18 years old. The school offers the plastic arts, image and design, scientific-technological and social humanistic baccalaureate, combined with an international BTEC qualification.

The purpose of the baccalaureate is to provide students with training, intellectual and personal maturity, but also knowledge and skills that will lead them to develop responsibilities and skills of adult life, as well as a good foundation to access university studies.

To achieve these objectives, our school has fundamental pillars:

High school teachers are aware of what it means to teach at this stage. That is why, in addition to being specialists in their subjects, they feel fully involved in the personal and academic accompaniment of their students.

Some of the methodologies used in this stage are:

  • Bilateral learning (teacher-student feedback).
  • Thought-based learning (learning is more than memorizing; it is turning information into knowledge).
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Use of audiovisual material.
  • Preparation for obtaining Cambridge diplomas (FCE, CAE).
  • Realization of laboratory practices (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  • Practical outings in the closest environment (Astronomical Park, Alba synchrotron, internships at the UAB or the IQS …).
  • Routes and literary talks.
  • Flipped Classroom.
  • Creative activities applied to Literature.

To facilitate multi methodology, we use subject-classrooms. This means that the students, in addition to learning in more general classrooms, also learn in the different laboratories of the school (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and the seminars.

The high school tutor has several tasks:

  • They do the academic monitoring of the student.
  • They guide the student regarding their further studies (level of studies, choice of degrees).
  • They maintain contact with the school’s psycho-pedagogical team to address student situations, such as improving the study method, the schedule, time planning, improving concentration, etc …
  • They hold two group meetings with families: one before starting the course and another in the middle of the second term.
  • They arrange necessary family tutorial meetings for the follow-up of the student (with a minimum of two each course).

Although the main activities for high school tutoring are about the academic subjects, education in values ​​continues to be of paramount importance at this stage. Therefore, to make our students reflect on various aspects, we organize a series of activities such as:

  • Philosophical coffee
  • Awareness talks (women and science, human rights, children’s rights, La Marató of TV3, human relations, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, with a study trip to its headquarters in Anantapur (India). Before the trip, our students raise funds that are invested in different projects of the FVF, such as the construction of schools or houses. Contact with Indian culture makes our students return to their reality with an unrepeatable life experience.

To complement high school studies, our students do a series of activities that help them to reinforce the content they are studying and to think about their future. Some of these activities include participation in:

  • Apropa’t als estudis superiors: a set of talks and round tables organized by our school and in our school.
  • Olympics (about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics).
  • Kangaroo tests: international mathematical competition.
  • Open days of different universities.
  • Entrepreneurship Conference: workshops and experiences from the world of economics.
  • Saló de l’ensenyament.

We also offer an internationally recognized intermediate level English vocational qualification: BTEC.

BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) is an official qualification accredited by the British Government, through Pearson, an Anglo-American entity dedicated to education which offers its programs in more than 85 countries.

Our school offers five BTEC itineraries, from which the student must choose one, which will serve as an elective for the baccalaureate.

The BTEC provides a practical and active methodology, where the student takes the initiative in a series of tasks to be carried out.

At the school we offer 5 BTEC itineraries:

Recommended itinerary for those students who want to access higher studies in the Biosciences branch, such as: medicine, biology, biotechnology, physiotherapy, etc.

Recommended itinerary for those young people who like the world of business and who want to access higher studies in the branches of knowledge of Social and Legal Sciences, such as: economics, ADE, business,…

Recommended itinerary for those students who want to access higher studies in the branch of computer engineering, among others.

Recommended itinerary for those boys and girls who like sports and who want to access higher education in the fields of knowledge of Sports, Health Sciences, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc.