Quotidianitat, Llar d'Infants Els Pinetons Matadepera

All time at school is educational.

We seize the value of everyday life as a learning opportunity. The moment of arrival, the ‘Good Morning’ moments, the moments of care, the habits, the meals, the naptime, the game and all the spontaneous moments create situations with great educational value. All of them give the children autonomy, security and bring them closer to understanding the world around them. Everyday life is the backbone of each day at ‘Els Pinetons’.

We want to highlight:

  • The moments of care:
    They are privileged moments of connection between the child and the adult. The child becomes aware of self-care and the adult provides the help and affection that they require. Thus a diaper change, washing hands or face become moments of physical and emotional well-being and, at the same time, a learning opportunity through habits and routines.
  • Meals:
    Mealtimes are quiet and relaxed moments to promote emotional and social relationships for children. In addition, the organization behind the meals favours the personal autonomy of boys and girls, as well as learning routines and habits appropriate to their age.
  • Playing and free movement:
    One of the most important tasks that a child must do to develop in a healthy and happy way is to play. Spontaneous activity is the basis of learning either by listening, observing or directly manipulating everything that is available to them. They use their motor, sensory, emotional, cognitive and communicative possibilities while moving freely around the spaces.
  • Values and emotional and relational growth:
    Educating people to live and coexist in our world implies working on values such as respect, empathy, sharing, listening, cooperating, etc. It is important that children feel emotionally accompanied from a young age – naming the emotions they feel, they validate them and help them get started in their own emotional regulation and in their management they do towards others.