School council

Escola Montcau – La Mola Matadepera

The School council is the organ of participation of the educational community of the center and exercises the functions assigned by the education regulations. Its operation is governed by the regulatory norms of the collegiate participation bodies of the private though state financed school and by the provisions of these regulations.

School council

Montcau – La Mola and Els Pinetons

Institution owner

Mr. Antoni Abad
Mr. Josep Abad


Ms. Maria Abad

Ms. Bet Portavella (Els Pinetons)


Ms. Antònia Arcusa


Ms. Anna Garcia
Mr. Jordi Campos
Ms. Maria Perelló
Ms. Gemma Mundet

Ms. Laura Aguilar (Els Pinetons)


Ms. Ivet Imbers
Ms. Marisol Castillo

Ms. Esther Rigat

Ms. Marta Portero (Els Pinetons)


Ms. Sílvia Botifoll

Mr. Jan Bretcha

Public Administration

Ms. Carme Querol