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Summer school camp

Welcome to the summer school camp about cinema!   For children from P3 to 2nd primary. With Claqueta and Cinta, we’re going to do different activities, games, workshops and more. Working english on a daily basis, we will travel to the Far West world, we’re going to travel into space, we’re going to live the […]

Setmana interdiscipinaria-Montcau La Mola

Interdisciplinary Week

At school with primary students the activity does not stop with Interdisciplinary Week! A few days to work on a common topic in a transversal way. With games, field trips to the school environment, various activities, crafts, cooking workshops, and a host of other activities, children are discovering ancient civilizations: Ancient Rome with 1st and […]

Setmana Blanca-Montcau La Mola

White Week: here we go!

The boys and girls, as well as the school team, today went to Andorra to enjoy a few days in the snow with White Week! We hope to have a good day of skiing and to find the snow in good condition. Once we have finished skiing, in the afternoon, various activities await us to […]

Preinscripcio escolar Montcau - La Mola

School pre-registration

The school pre-registration period begins in the next few days: For the preschool and primary stage, the established period is from 7 to 21 March. For the secondary stage it is from 9 to 21 March. This year the pre-registration procedure will be online, through the website. On this page you will have to […]