Halloween and Castanyada at school

Last week, at school, we had the Halloween party and the Castanyada!

Throughout the week the students of #Els_Pinetons, #MLMInfantil and #MLMPrimària have made panellets.

The pupil of the 2nd cycle of Child and Primary Education celebrated Halloween’s party by participating in the Jack-o’-lantern competition! And, continuing with Halloween’s party in #MLMprimària, they made the traditional rua adapted to the school’s outdoor spaces. A few dances were held in the courtyard at #MLMInfantil.

And on Friday, the 2nd grade of #MLMsecondary students toasted the chestnuts. And the students of #MLMinfantil and #Els_Pinetons received a very beautiful visit: La Castanyera!

The 1st and 2nd pupils of #MLMsecondaria performed traditional tales through plays to the students of #MLMprimaria and #MLMinfantil. And then, the infant, primary and ESO students ate chestnuts, panellets and sweet potato.

And finally, the 1st-high school student organized a courtyard bar for the 5th and 6th elementary school students, ESO and Baccalaureate. They have also been at the exit of school, where families with their sons and daughters have been able to enjoy it. The money collected will go to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which the students will visit in the third quarter.