New projects: P4 and P5

tria projectes parvulari-Montcau La Mola

P4 and P5 boys and girls have recently started two projects to research, discover and learn more.

And how did the whole process start? We start a conversation about what they like and what they are curious about… And there are some topics that are common to the whole group. So we decided to choose between these topics.

To do this we go out into the yard and plan an activity to decide together what will be the engine of our learning.

In P4 we had to decide between penguins and chefs, what a difficult decision! In the end, the penguins were the choice.

And P5 boys and girls had to choose between doctors and veterinarians or marine animals. And the result was… Marine animals!

Share, think, discover, talk, play, compare, search, write and observe… these are just a few examples of what these projects will lead us to do with children!